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Since 1992 The “KingOfBud”©TM Collection can also be seen on the Internet at its first home www.KingOfBud.com which has logged over 31 million visitors. Now the "KingOfBud"©TM Collection has a new home... TheBUDBARN ©TM Museum at Neapolis Alberta. The ONLY Budweiser ®TM Museum in the world! The Collections name “KingOfBud”©TM was bestowed on it by other collectors around the world that have graciously donated items, willed, traded or items were purchased from them.

The Collection also has a merchandising site since 1993 at www.BudManShop.com where Bud duplicates and other Brewing Memorabilia Collectables were sold worldwide. It took almost 4 years to complete “TheBUDBARN”
©TM project. “TheBUDBARN”©TM Project much like this vast Collection is always growing and ongoing.

Since opening comments like "incredible", ”simply unbelievable”, “amazing” “I’ve never seen anything like it” and "FANTASTIC" are common Visitor reactions.

BUDBARN South wall

The "KingOfBud"©TM Collection is a Museum display for all ages! It contains hundreds of rare die cast cars, trucks, planes, inflatables, signs, mirrors, Nitro powered remote controlled boats and cars, hats banners, posters, tap handles, collectable cans & bottles, glassware, figurines, spoons, very rare turn of the century Bud items, plates, trays, steins, pins helmets, Nascar®TM & NFL®TM Budweiser ®TM items and MUCH more too numerous to mention. It's the most unique display of Bud memorabilia items ever seen. Bring your Camera!

The “TheBUDBARN”©TM is on one of the highest points on the local landscape, can even be seen from the QE2 and is often used by local folks as a point of reference since the 1860's. During Special Events at night the “TheBUDBARN”©TM is lit up with over 2500 candle power of lighting pointing straight up at the building that can be seen for 10 miles. On a snowy or foggy evening who knows how high the beamers go up but the “TheBUDBARN”©TM location can be seen for miles and is even responsible for changing local night air traffic patterns! It is located in Mountain View County Alberta at the “Neapolis” corner of Rural Road 28.2 & Twp. Road 31.2.

BUDBARN North wall

There are 2 floors for a total of 96,000 cubic feet or almost 5,000 square feet on 2 floors. The Main floor Lobby area includes bathroom, full kitchen and gift shop. The second level 10 feet above it is where most of the 20,000 Items of the 45 year old "KingOfBud"©TM Worlds Largest Privately Owned Bud Collection are on display. The Bud Bar above has a large living room like appeal. The loft ceiling is 30 feet above that enclosing 72,000 cubic feet and has wonderful natural Amphitheater properties to it. The “TheBUDBARN”©TM loft features a 5.1 Dolby Theater Sounds Around system, 2,500 Watt 4B Bryston powered Digital Pioneer Stereo System, ADC 32 Band Paragraphic EQ, a very rare set of ALTEC Lansing Model 19 "Voice Of The Theater Speakers" 28" Mantaray's & 19" Driver's, A TEAC Tascam 5A 8 Channel Recording Mixing Board, a Samsung Digital Studio 8mm Video to DVD Recorder, 82” square High Definition DVD, Video or Satellite TV Projection system/screen and a state of the art HP computer controlled self powered multi sensor Security and Recording System and DVD burner& 2 sound sensitive Ruby Helium Neon Lasers that perform 24 exciting different images to music on the big screen. The building is Hydronically heated which will soon be solar powered.

A Bit of Neapolis History

This wonderful Hip Roof Barn is 96 years old, hand built using hand cut timbers in 1920 in part by a German Wooden Ship Builder. It is located in a hamlet called "NEAPOLIS" which is still on Alberta maps after 150 years. This Barn is the last original building at "Neapolis" still standing from that period. The building was Steel Clad in 1998 and is 60 feet long, 40 feet wide and 40 feet tall. The name "Neapolis" only appeared on the barn since our moving here in 2005 and was very warmly greeted by our neighbors and local community. We have determined through historical studies prior to 1912 when the county of Mountain View was established, Neapolis will celebrate its 150th Birthday in 2020!

"TheBud Barn"©TM Museum is Directed By The Neapolis Historical Association Inc. 2006 which since 2005 has under taken historical studies of this area which reach back to the 1860's. www.neapolisalberta.com
       Neapolis School sign Neapolis School

"Neapolis" Means... "New City" in Greek or Roman and we do not yet know who originally named it. Although historical studies are still under way we have learned much from our neighbors. "Neapolis" has a local history that dates back to the 1860's when it was settled and became well known in Mountain View County for cheese making in the later part of the 1880's. 2 General Stores, a Hotel, Canada Post Office from 1903 to 1912 and the Neapolis Rural Mutual Telephone Co. a lumber yard, gas station and housed a Midwife that helped bare some 2,500 babies in this area over a number of years. The Neapolis School district was established by Alberta Education in 1897 and the Neapolis school was open from 1908-1954. The last grade 8 Graduating class was in 1954 many still living here. That building although a bit run down still exists at Neapolis today. In its time about 175 people regularly lived at Neapolis. Now the population is around 70 people within the immediate 1 mile area.

Cheese Factory

Cheese production stopped around 1980 and was owned by several large families over the years. "TheBUDBARN"©TM was originally used to milk some 25+ head of dairy cows that came in from pasture every day. The milk was then moved over to the cheese factory for manufacture of butter, cream, ice cream, at least a half dozen fine European cheeses by the Engel family and still stands in part next door to us today. These items were regularly transported by horse drawn wagon's to local Didsbury stores since the 1900's. 2 acres of corals and pens are still on our property. They have been in recent use for our cattle and horses as have the 14 acres of the finest agricultural Alfalfa Sweet Grass Dairy Hay which produces roughly 1,500 small bales a year. The upper area is 6 acres which includes the main residence, "TheBUDBARN"©TM a tractor house and other supporting outbuildings. Other then milk production this is still a functional farm supporting 2 friendly lamas "Betty" & "Boop" a horse named "Shilo" and the odd table beef roaming around. 

©TM Museum also houses many historic artifacts of interest from the Neapolis Cheese Factory. For more Neapolis historic information click here go to the Neapolis Historical Associations web site by clicking here.

TheBudBarn ©TM Museum GPS Coordinates are:
N 51º-38-59
W 113

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